Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013

  • October 12, 2013

It was a fun Melbourne Zombie Shuffle for 2013 – thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I did dehydrate quite a bit from the 25 degree day wearing a black T-shirt and with no water bottle. Next time I’ll be a bit wiser!

I handed out my Moo cards to some people and this is for you guys. OK so I’ve got my favourite zombie shots here on Flickr:

I’ve dumped everything on G+, as I like the way it gives you a wall of photos:

My shots from today – 142 photos
My shots from last year – 240 photos
My shots from 2011 – 311 photos

I seem to be dropping right off. OK next year I’m going to get there early for a change, and resolve to get back into the 300+ photo range. I was definitely down on form today. I think the sidewalks were a bit tight as well that made it hard to skip along to the next set of zombies, and I was just a bit slower with the heat! 😮