I was born in the rural town of Griffith NSW – food bowl of the State and gateway to the Australian Outback. It was there as a youth that I developed a love for the bush – the wide open spaces; the meandering rivers and creeks; and the most amazing crimson sunsets you’ll see anywhere in the world.

As a keen ‘Cub’ and Boy Scout, I’d always look forward to the rugged beauty and adventure to be found in the nearby Cocoparra National Park.

Moving to Canberra ACT in 1993 to further my studies at the Australian National University, I relished its position at the foothills of the Brindabella Mountains and Namadgi National Park, and spent many a starry night camping atop Mount Gingera. One memorable trip saw me climbing Mt Gudgenby solo in the dark with a tripod strapped to my back, so that I could capture first light from the top of the mountain. That tripod was meant for a large telescope, and it seems quite humorous thinking back to that massive hunk of metal with a tiny point-n-shoot 35mm film camera sitting on top of it. As a Uni student – you use whatever is available to you!

A friend at Uni did have more suitable equipment – a 35mm film Pentax SLR – and many a day was spent in the late 90’s exploring the Snowy Mountains and capturing its beauty on slide film. That was my first taste of “real” photography.

Post-University, my love of nature photography lay mostly dormant until January 2009, when a solo hike along the famous Overland Track in Tasmania really re-ignited the passion. By that stage I had established myself in my career, and finally had the funds to invest in the quality of equipment that could really do justice to the visual splendour that I was seeing with the naked eye.

Aided by quality information in magazines; on the Internet; from friends; and lots of trial and error, my photography from that point onward went from strength to strength. Of all the talk of “what makes a good photograph?”, one thing that is clear is that it takes a keen awareness and sensitivity which is not easily taught, and I’m thankful for the upbringing I’ve had which has improved my photography “from within”.

More recently in my photographic journey have I discovered that I equally enjoy capturing people:- their moods, expressions, excitement, vulnerability and beauty – whether it be at an event, as a portrait, or just candidly in the street. I have branched out into wedding photography both as a primary shooter, and also as a second shooter for the very talented “Lea Bingley Photography“.

I tend not to enter photographic competitions as a general rule, as I see myself as my own harshest critic! I have had commercial validation of my work:- In addition to private print sales, my images have been used to promote well-known Australian events; Australian universities; Australian holiday destinations; and to promote products marketed nationwide by the Australian food industry.

I am very thankful for this commercial success, but by no means is it my motivation. By sharing my passion, my twin aims are to both connect with and bring enjoyment to you the viewer, through this wonderful visual medium of communication we call Photography.

Happy viewing,
Gav Owen

PS – If you’d like to donate to my photographic journey, then I accept Bitcoin. All monies donated will be used to buy photographic equipment!




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