New Name, New Host and New Protocol!

  • April 9, 2014

It’s been a quiet month photography-wise but  busy in all things tech.

I’ve just re-launched my site with a new top level domain – (drum roll) – gavowen.photography!

I always thought that .com was too “corporatey” for my photography site. When my good friend and shooting buddy Luke gave me the heads up about the new generic top level domains (gTLDs) for creatives, I jumped in and secured mine, with a bunch of other .photography sites that I could perhaps use in the future (I did get a bit carried away!)

I’ve gone with a brand new host – VentraIP.  I have to say – the team at VIP are absolutely fantastic, and they really do make you feel like a VIP! Nothing bad against my old host of Bluehost, but VIP works a lot better for me with Australian-based servers – my use of WordPress has never felt snappier.

Another big benefit of going with VentraIP is their enablement of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Although this isn’t a huge deal right this very minute, it will be over the next few years as IPv4 addressing is exhausted and the world is forced to make the transition. It’s good to know that VIP are on top of this and leading the way. I’m happy to say that gavowen.photography now validates for IPv6 (that makes my inner-geek happy!)

I’ll be even happier in just over a week’s time, when I head off to Tasmania for over 2 weeks of intensive photography, focussing on the spectacular turning of the fagus. Stay tuned, as they say.